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We take pride in our partnerships with industry leaders in Pneumatic and Vacuum Automation, proudly serving as their authorized distributor.

Current Fusion Industrial Automation

Innovative Industrial Automation Solutions

Current Fusion Industrial Automation is an evolution of a legacy from a family owned business started in 2001. Our business has been moulded by 21 years of courage, inspiration and perseverance in the Pneumatic and Automation Industry.

Our clients know that we offer a service of excellence with quality products, and that is why they choose Current Fusion as their preferred supplier.

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Our Product Offerings

Italian products specializing in the production of pneumatic components for automation systems

Vacuum automation components and solutions to enable gripping, lifting and moving applications.

Jorc is a top international quality compressed air condensate drain management products

Pneumatic solutions focused on Quality Pneumatic Components from world renowned suppliers

Industries we Serve

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We have offices in the following locations:
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Extensive Automation Product Knowledge

At Current Fusion Industrial Automation we have a professional and friendly work environment. Our staff are motivated and dedicated. They are here to engage, assist, strategize and share their extensive product knowledge with our clients.

Current Fusion have partnered with leaders in the Pneumatic and Vacuum Automation Industry and we are proud to be their authorized distributor.

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